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Demand 5: Geneva Convention in Cyberspace

Critical infrastructures are attractive targets for attacks in a war because their malfunctioning fundamentally weakens the adversary. The malfunction of this infrastructure also causes a serious weakening of civil society if important infrastructure with vital roles such as water supply, power supply or medical facilities are targeted.

Our detailed demands:
  • All applicable requirements of the Geneva Convention must be regarded in cyberspace analogously to the "real world": vital infrastructures of civil society must not be targeted by cyber attacks; for instance, this also includes communications infrastructure, provided that human life depends on it. This also holds for so-called collateral damage, where persons not involved in the conflict become victims of an attack.
  • We view a violation of this principle as a crime of war.
  • We demand that nations and their governments pledge to adhere to general principles, which they negotiate in the framework of an international treaty for the regulation of conflicts in cyberspace.

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