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Demand 3: Disarmament

Cyber weapons – just like conventional weapons – constitute a threat to everyone's safety. Cyber weapons commonly target vulnerabilities that are kept secret. They are difficult to control because they potentially threaten all software systems which contain these vulnerabilities – not only the systems targeted by the attacks.

Our detailed demands:
  • Cyber weapons are to be recognised as a threat to everyone's peace and safety.
  • We demand than nations and their respective governments deescalate the armament race – in cyberspace just like in the "real world".
  • This has to be ensured by international treaties.
  • We regard disarmament of (cyber) weapons as a very desirable goal. However, we think it legitimate to keep tools to thwart attacks and so-called hacker tools for defensive reasons, and to use them – for example tools that offer publicly available exploits and may serve to discover whether a system is vulnerable and help find these vulnerabilities.

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