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We are a convention of IT professionals, computer scientists and people from related fields who take a critical stance towards the consequences of the deployment of informatics and information technology in our society.

Our field of responsibility includes political campaigning as well as scientific studies, and consultancy work. We have a long track record of experience in delivering expert opinions for political panels. We participate in campaigns and petitions -- against data retention, for a citizen-friendly EU general data protection regulation, against misuses of RFID and electronic healthcare data systems. We compile knowledge for political measures, e.g. regarding "Fair IT". The FIfF has its own quarterly publication "FIfF-Kommunikation".

We are networked with partner organisations. Cooperations include the federal board of Humanistische Union (cooperation e.g. at Gustav-Heinemann-Forum), we are represented in the cooperation council of "Kooperation für den Frieden" (cooperation for peace) and co-editors of the journal "Wissenschaft und Frieden" (science and peace), on the international scene amongst others as member organisation of EDRi (European digital rights initiative) and with activists who belonged to CPSR (computer professionals for social responsibility), USA.

Forum InformatikerInnen für Frieden und gesellschaftliche Verantwortung e.V. (FIfF)
Goetheplatz 4, 28203 Bremen, Tel. 0421 3365 9255, Mail fiff@fiff.de, Website www.fiff.de

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