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Some Definitions

Cyberpeace: By "cyberpeace" we understand peace in cyberspace in a very general sense: the peaceful application of cyberspace to the benefit of humanity and the environment. This includes the renouncement of all cyberwar activities, but it also implicates using the whole of the communication infrastructure for international understanding [besseres Wort?].

Cyberspace: Any infrastructure for information and communication, hardware as well as software, public or private, open or restricted. Obviously this surpasses the scope of the internet. It may include tools which are not connected to any network, if for example (as in STUXNET) a USB memory stick is used to propagate malware.

Cyberwar: The application of computer technology to interfere with the activities of a state or organisation [surely that can't be the true definition???], specifically a deliberate (cyber) attack on communication systems by another state or organisation.

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